Band of the 24th Invicta Rifles

Formed in 2006 the 24th Invicta Rifles Band is part of the Quattro Collectiver fold who have been working in the entertainments industry for over 16 years & whose owners have served and worked in Military Music for 20 years now.

Consisting of ex-regular (and current serving musicians from the military) the band travels throughout the United Kingdom (and are also able to travel abroad) performing for a variety of events from County Shows, Arena Events, Promotional Events, Street Parades, Special Events (days such as St. Georges Day) Pass Out Parades, Town Parades to the traditional Cabaret Marching Display (after dinner marching display indoors or out).

If you’re looking for something slightly unusual to entertain your guests after dinner

Why not try a Cabaret Marching display

As traditional Military Band the band can perform on a small dance floor wowing your clients / guests with a traditional marching band display. Along with the traditional display the band forms up for a finale that includes soloists, static music performances and can also provide “sing-a-longs” for special events / days. The display then culminates with the traditional asking  permission to march off (if applicable) then the march off.


Fanfare Team of the 24th Invicta Rifles

If you are looking for an announcement for the arrival of your guests / dignitary’s to your event, announcement of dinner & music as your guests enter, or as an announcement to the beginning your event.

Able to provide anything from one trumpeter to a team of seven with percussion, we can add that Ceremonial / Triumphal sound to any product launch, Dignitary arrival, Bridal entry (as at Royal Weddings) or Awards Ceremony.

Whether performing on Traditional Fanfare Trumpets to give a military look, as medieval trumpeters (in costume and on natural trumpets) or in White Tie and Tails or in any other costume to blend in with your event we can add that triumphal sound to any event 

The Fanfare Team are also available to appear in Military Mess Dress or as mentioned in white  and Tails or are happy to wear any costume to blend in with your theme i.e. Venetian Masked Ball, Medieval Banquet or Christmas event.